PDSSN Post-Secondary Scholarship

Purpose:  To advance the inclusive opportunities for North Carolinians with Down syndrome in pursuit of a post-secondary education.

Philosophy:  The advancement of post-secondary opportunities for people with developmental disabilities has taken the generosity, courage, and tenacity of many advocates in North Carolina since 2005.  At this writing as many as four public and private programs across North Carolina have developed – some accredited – and all braking barriers of stigma and prejudice.  More are in the design stages and include inclusive, residential options.  The PDSSN has been in the forefront of this effort since the design of the state’s first program at UNCG in 2004, called Beyond Academics.  It seems only fitting that we could continue the leadership by lending financial support to these young pioneers from the Piedmont area in pursuit of their dreams of a college education.

The Scholarship:  The PDSSN will award up to two $500 scholarships each year to deserving applicants from the Piedmont region.  The award will be solely for educational purposes and will be made directly to the college or university.


  1. All applicants must have Down syndrome, be high school graduates and formally admitted to one of the certificate or degree granting colleges or universities in North Carolina.
  2. All should be from the Piedmont area of North Carolina.
  3. Applicants may apply more than once, but cannot be granted consecutive year awards.
  4. Applicants will be expected, at the end of their scholarship year, to attend a PDSSN meeting or program to share their experiences. They may be asked, but are not obligated, to assist with scholarship fund raising or other PDSSN post-secondary testimonials.

The Application:  You can download the application from the link below. Candidates will submit the form and the following information by May 1 each year of application:

  1. Documentation of secondary school completion.
  2. A personal statement or essay, not to exceed one page in length, which discusses the candidate’s relationship with the Down syndrome or general disability community, their future plans, and their dreams.
  3. The applicant may elect to include letters of recommendation or a photo essay.
  4. Additional supportive documentation may include: honors, awards, employment, independent living skills, volunteer work, advocacy, assistive technology, and academic transcripts.

Click here to download the PDSSN Post-Secondary Scholarship Application

If you have any questions, feel free to call 336-480-8871 or send an email to info.pdssn@gmail.com.   Please return your completed application by one of the following methods:

  • scan and email to info.pdssn@gmail.com;
  • fax to (720) 533-1327; or
  • mail to: PDSSN, P.O. Box #144, Pfafftown, NC 27040.