No Hassle, No Cost Donations to PDSSN!

GoodSearch is a search engine (similar to Google or Yahoo), which is simple and effective to use. For every search that you do in GoodSearch, they will donate $0.01 to us. It doesn’t seem that much at first, but if you consider the number of searches that you do a year it certainly adds up. Goodsearch also keeps record of how much you’ve raised on your homepage so you can see how much you’ve contributed. So far, with only a few users, we’ve raised $104.77! Best of all – it is totally free! To use this wonderful tool go to Go to “sign up” at the top right of the screen. There will be two options, “sign up with Facebook” or “sign up with email”. Follow the instructions for whichever is your preference. You’ll be prompted for an organization to support once you’ve made an account and, just like with AmazonSmile, type in “Piedmont Down Syndrome Support Network”. That’s all there is to it! For every search you do we will receive a penny!

Everybody loves coupons! The same people who run GoodSearch run GoodShop. You can even access GoodShop from and you don’t have to create a new account. One account works for both sites. GoodShop has discount coupons for online shopping in everyday stores! A couple of examples include: “$20 off $120 or more purchases + Free Shipping from 1-800-Contacts with 4% of your purchase going to PDSSN” and “Up to 30% off major appliances from Home Depot with a 2.5% of your purchase going to PDSSN”. There are hundreds of stores and hundreds of deals to choose from, all of which give us money. There’s even an application for iPhones!

For good dining, all you have to do is sign up, register a credit card, and every time you use that card at a participating restaurant (whether dine in or carry out), we get up to 6% of your purchase!

Need to keep your kids entertained? Have them play games on GoodGames! After your kids (or you) play a game three times, we get a penny!


Thanks for supporting PDSSN!  Every penny adds up!