Officers / Board Members / Committees

 Executive Director  Dana Alley


 President  Laura Laxton
 Vice President  McNeil Cronin
 Treasurer  Cliff Campbell
 Secretary  Alice Tolin

Board Members:

 Alice Tolin  Parent
 Ben Muller  Professional
 Brent Bennett  Advocate
 Brittney Albert  Professional
 Cliff Campbell  Professional
 Darien Sutton  Professional
 Jessica Long  Professional
 Jody Nash  Parent
 Kaylan Baxter  Professional
 Kelly Cronin  Parent
 Laura Laxton  Parent
 Mark Jaramillo  Parent
 McNeil Cronin  Parent
 Melinda Gentry  Family
 Meridith Whitaker  Professional
 Quincy Harvey  Parent
 Vito Cota-Robles  Professional

Board Standing Committees:

 Committees  Chairperson
 Executive Team  Laura Laxton
 Nominating and Board Development  Open
 Development and Marketing  McNeil Cronin
 Finance  Cliff Campbell
 Personnel  Open

General Committees:

 Committees  Chairperson
 Buddy Walk  Melinda Gentry
 Programs – Social and Educational  Open
 Newsletter Editor  Chris Kelsey
 Next Chapter Book Club  Deborah Woolard
 Membership  Open
 Sunshine Committee  Deborah Woolard
 Lending Library  Chris Gentry
 Website Updates  Dana Alley
 Social Media / Marketing  Suzie Harvey
 New Parent Contact / First Call  Kelly Cronin
 Medical Outreach  Kelly Cronin & McNeil Cronin